Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Signs of a sleep deprived mama!

I read somewhere recently that motherhood is not for those who love sleep. Isn't that the case! I have never really been a lover of sleep but oh how hard it is to get by sometimes when you have had 3 or 4 hours of very broken sleep for 3 or 4 years!
The results of this predicament, at least in my case, have been quite hysterical at times.
For example, just this early morning, I think around 2am, I woke up surrounded by multiple small sleeping children. I rolled out of bed and picked up who I thought was Gregory. Tucked him into his crib and turned to crawl back into bed, too tired to remove any more of the sleeping bed hogs. As I slipped back into bed I realized I was snuggling back into bed with the actual Gregory. Just as I was getting back up to figure out who I had tucked into Gregory's bed Jaclynn woke up in the crib very irritated and confused. How in the world did I confuse her with a newborn?
Here are a few other examples of what my lack of sleep has done recently and in the past.
- Filling my coffee filter with oatmeal instead of coffee grinds
- Driving away from my house on the phone only to loose the call a couple houses down the street because I was on my home phone and not my cell
- Arriving at moms club one morning I was looking for my cell phone and found that I had instead packed my home phone into my diaper bag.
-Upon finding a pacifier to calm a fussy baby I quickly tried shoving it into Steven's mouth. Don't really know what I was thinking with that one!
-Cut Steven's dinner up into teeny tiny pieces and didn't realize it until I got a very confused look from him as he sat to eat dinner.
-Attempted to diaper a newborn with a size 5 diaper
But the worst so far has to be when I actually forgot my baby's name. Yes, I am very embarrassed to even admit it, but I did. Just a few days after Gregory was born I was talking to somebody at church who wanted to meet our newest little addition.
"What is his name?" she asked.
And for what seemed like an eternity I starred blankly at her with a very deer in the headlights kind of look. In my head I was thinking,"I have no idea! This is horrible!"
Then thankfully I shouted out "Gregory Mark Zuniga!"
I don't think she was expecting the full thing but since I had paused so long and felt so ridiculous that is just what came spewing out. It was obvious that for a moment I was searching my brain for what we had named our sweet new baby and she was very uncomfortable!
I can't be the only one who has done wacky things with little to no sleep right?


Bethany said...

Hahaha! Love the stories...especially about forgetting the baby's name! I laughed out loud.=) I just read that same quote about how motherhood is not for lovers of sleep and it hit home! Especially this week, it is good to know that I am in good company of the sleep-deprived. My kids are back to sleeping good at night, but now it seems that just to keep up with "life" I am getting up earlier and earlier. It is wonderful to begin the day in quiet, but oh how I want to pull the covers over my head when the alarm goes off! So, this morning, when I was meeting with Jenna, I knew I needed to keep an eye on the time so that I could meet up with my mom and Alice. At one point, I checked my phone and just stared at the numbers. 9:38?? I looked blankly at Jenna and said "That means nothing to me. Why do I care that it's 9:38?"
I was so tired I couldn't even remember why I cared what time it was!

Alice said...

I laughed out loud at the one about shoving the pacifier into Steven's mouth!!! My kids didn't take pacifiers, or else I'm sure I would have done that too!!! Oh... and don't worry about the name thing. It's really very common (or at least to me!). I was filling out registration forms for my kids last week and I gave the boys wrong middle names and jumbled up their birthdates!!! Oops... I know this is probably not an encouragement to you, since I don't have newborns anymore :0 One day... many years from now, we all might be able to get some GOOD sleep :). In the meantime, quick naps are welcome at anytime :) LOL.

Emily F said...

Hahaha. I lnow I'm a bit late on this post, but I just found your blog...the home phone/cell phone mix up cracks me up! I can just picture you driving down the street and realizing you're holding the house phone.