Thursday, March 4, 2010

The battle for the hearts of our children.

As I was quickly skimming the pages of the Girl Talk website I found this quote:

"Oftentimes parenting can feel like a battle. And the "enemy" is your two-year-old who's just thrown their dinner on the floor (again); or your fifteen-year-old, who's just slammed the door on you (again). But still your job is to show them what our Father in heaven is like. Yes, they need to learn to live under authority. But they also need to learn of a God who welcomes His enemies, loves His enemies and gives His life for His enemies." (Gospel Centered Family by Tim Chester and Ed Moll)

This spoke volumes to me. Unfortunately so much of what I do , think, say is conformed by the worlds perspective on parenting. We have an amazing example to follow in our Heavenly Father and I feel as if I easily ignore it. Maintaining effective control, strength and power in my decisions and a heart overflowing with love to pour over my children CONSTANTLY is what I need to remember. Thankfully we can have a personal experience of this kind of love through our relationship with Jesus Christ. For me, without this love I would be clueless as to how to begin to lovingly direct my children toward righteousness. Thanks be to God for His mercy over me.

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