Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinner tonight

Boneless skinless chicken thighs are on sale for $1.29/lb at Sprouts until Wednesday this week so I stocked up. Because of this great sale it is the perfect week to make a giant batch of bean, rice and chicken casserole. I got this recipe from Jessica and it is a major hit every time I've made it, especially at home group.  I also had a plethora of tomato juice and canned tomatoes as well as all the other things that are thrown into this delicious dish! So Sydney, my sous chef, and I mixed up five casserole dishes full of this great meal. Three for home group and two for giving away. This was a very low cost meal and we stretched it very far. Tonight we added some clearance rolls and a spinach romaine salad and we were set. I was even able to freeze 2 packages of chicken I originally thought I would need for tonight. Just means I have more on hand for a later time. God is so faithful. His provision is abundant. And we are so thankful.

Editors side note: Upon serving this meal tonight I realized NEVER to soak dry beans for four days and trust that they have softened enough! ALWAYS boil them and forget the soaking. As a result of this little mistake we had delicious casserole with firm beans(which took away from some of it's deliciousness). You live and you learn. Right?