Wednesday, September 24, 2008


"Seasons change and so did I, you need not wonder why, there's no time left for you, there's no time left for you, no time left for you. No time, no time I got got got got no time. I got got got got no time!"
         -The Guess Who
It is just after 3 am and I am wide awake. For some reason, my poor body is so sleep deprived that if I go to bed early (9 pm), I wake up wide eyed five hours later. So, I have been up since two trying to fall asleep when this song came into my head. It won't leave. Most of you probably don't know it, that's okay, you get my point. Or rather God's.? Is He trying to tell me something? Or is it crazy to think He could use lyrics from a 60's/70's band, surely on some form of illegal drug, to prompt something in my heart. Far fetched? Maybe not. First my thoughts go to this blog, which I enjoy having and documenting our life as a place for memory preserving. I have certainly had  "no time" for blogging. No big deal though. There are more important things for me to check off the list at this point. Now at this extremely early hour I am left with the question, what or who have I been screaming, whispering, saying over and over in my head "I've got got got got no time!" to? Hmmmm? Difficult question, I know. Challenging too. As I typed that my sweet Sydney, sleepily strolled out of her room. Potty break from her slumber. Now back to bed. I will ponder this through tomorrow. All I do know is, time is a very complicated thing. It seems as though we are as a society always struggling for more of it. Everything is about time. Needing more, wanting more, scheduling more, doing whatever it takes to accumulate more. How could we have grown so off base? Why do any of us ever think we could change the amount of time we have for anything. God is the author and creator of life. Including the time we spend alive. His plan is good. Can we believe that and trust Him with our time?
As the Lord wills it, I will post more about the ins and outs of our last month. If there is time of course! :)