Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching up

So much has been happening around here lately. We made it through our move and have been in the new place for three weeks now. But that will have to be a whole other post , eventually.

Here are just a few shots over the course of the last week or so. Enjoying our October. Getting settled in the new house. Preparing for a new baby. And so on...

We did add another little one to our brood. His name is Josh and he is Jakes brother. From day one of getting Jake, Steven and I had said we wished we would have just gone for two. Then, about a week before we moved the sign was back up that there were more puppies for sale. So, I quickly flipped a u-turn, and went to just ask some questions. Was it the same litter? How many do they have left? And, we already bought one will you give us a deal for another one? =) After a quick call to Steven, we had another puppy to care for! It has been great! They LOVE each other and get along really well and fit in with the rest of us just fine. It's been an adventure but completely worth it.

Sydney put on this old costume in hopes she would convince them she is their "dog mom"

All three of them napping poolside

Visiting the Pumpkin Patch

I LOVE the beach in October. It always seems warm enough to still get in our suits and enjoy the water and on top of that, we usually have the beach all to ourselves. Last Tuesday the waves were huge and the sun was shining. It was a great day to just sit and soak up God's glorious creation.