Friday, April 30, 2010

Sydney's site is up again!

Sydney's recycling site, Recycling Reformation is up again! It is actually a whole new site and address because I could not get the old one to work. Anyway, for those of you who didn't get to view the original site and purpose I will give a brief summary.
Sydney has been concerned for the homeless for years. Yes, I know she is six and when I say years that seems like a stretch. But, it's true. This little girl amazes me with her enormous capacity for compassion. She got the idea to collect recyclables and donate all of its proceeds to the needy.  I told her if she really was serious about this and was willing to work hard I believed she could make a huge impact. So began our Recycling Reformation.
We all know how hip it is to be green. We all know the hype behind recycling for a better planet. Now, while those intentions are admirable, they don't dig deep enough. Keeping our planet clean and healthy for future generations is a great idea, there is no knocking that. But, our main concern as believers is not first how "green" our planet can be, but how christ-like we can live. God calls us to "Love the Lord our God with all our hearts, and love your neighbor as yourself." Now I know that I certainly love myself enough to give my self lots of nice things. Our homeless "neighbors" and other needy people around us can certainly use some love by way of food or clothing or other basic needs. At this point, this is our humble attempt to "love our neighbors".  We have reformed our reason for recycling and have stretched far beyond the cause of a greener planet. We hope to send the message of Christ's love by helping others. We encourage you to do the same. One way is to help our cause by simply saving your recyclables. We would be happy to schedule a pick up. Or, next time you see us bring your bag of recyclables! Thanks for being interested! We would appreciate you all joining us in prayer too for the impact we can have in sharing Christ's love through our recycling project. Thanks all! Now, go check out her site and come back often as I hope to post frequent updates!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Picture day

Here are a few shots from the recent family photo shoot. It was a fun, loooong day. Lots of bribing with marshmallows so we could get in a ton of shots!