Saturday, April 25, 2009


We spent the morning and afternoon at Disneyland on Thursday. Our family hasn't been there in at least six months. Some of you may think that sounds like a recent trip, but for us it has been eons. We loaded up and headed out ready for tons of fun. Sydney finally made it on Space Mountain. Calvin stood as tall as he could but came up an inch too short. He is determined to eat extra vegetables in order to grow just tall enough before the Summer ends. Upon exiting Space Mountain I asked Sydney if she wanted to go again. Her response: "Um, I think maybe when I am six or maybe seven." I guess it was a little out of her league. She is happy to stick with Gadget"s Go Coaster for her present age of five. It seemed a quick trip but we enjoyed ourselves. Baby by the end was falling over with exhaustion. She actually fell asleep in The Tiki Room! One second she was clapping and dancing all around, the next her head flopped back onto my shoulder and she was out. Even amongst the singing birds and flowers and chanting tiki poles. She is a funny one. Oh the ease of the third child!