Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This week at Walgreens

So I am getting back into coupon mode. I am trying to build up my register rewards at Walgreens and my Extra Care Bucks at CVS. I am starting from nothing again so we will see how long it takes me to gather up a nice stash of coupons and "free money" for all the drug stores. Gregory and I headed out yesterday for his first coupon shopping experience while Steven took the kids to Disneyland. I saw there were some pretty good deals on toothpaste and oatmeal, two things we use/need so I thought I would work a deal with that. Here is how it worked.
Bought one thermacare neck wrap travel size at $2.49 with $2.49 Register Rewards
used $1.00 coupon here
paid $1.71 oop
received 2.49 in register rewards

Transaction #2
colgate $2.99 with $2 register rewards
used $0.75 coupon here
Quaker oats $3.00 each
used two $1.00 coupons here
stack with walgreens quaker oats coupon from their add to get them for 2 for $3
buy one walgreens household gloves at $0.39 with the in ad coupon as a filler
used $2.49 RR from previous transaction
paid $1.43 oop
got back $2.00 in RR

thermacare neck wrap at $2.49
use $1.00 thermacare coupon
hallmark ornament as a filler $1.00
use $2.00 RR from previous transaction
paid $0.80 oop
got back $2.49 in RR

colgate use $0.75 coupon
household gloves at $0.39 as a filler
use $2.49 RR
paid .43oop
got back $2.00 RR to use on my next visit

So total oop $4.37
total saved after coupons register rewards and sales $32.30

The reason for the order of the transactions is you can't use a RR for the same product you received it for. I couldn't keep buying toothpaste with my Manufactures coupons and the stores RR for the same product. That is why you have to swap back and forth so that the RR will print out to use for the next transaction. The filler items are so you have the same number of coupons as you do products. The computers at walgreens won't allow the transaction through unless the number of products equals or exceeds the number of manufacturer's coupons and RR. The in ad coupons don't count for this. I know it can be confusing but once you figure it out it is so worth it! Good luck!