Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Family Fun

Every Year at this time Steven has the opportunity to bring his family to the Disney Holiday Party. It is always a crazy, fun night because we start out after the kids bed times. The party starts at 8PM and goes until 12:30AM. Basically a total free for all, running around the park, riding exciting rides, eating churros and Ice cream. We had a wonderful time as a family. It is fun to let loose and just enjoy! My favorite part of the whole night is the parade. We always bring a blanket and make a cozy little spot along the parade route. We snuggle together and eat treats and enjoy the magic Disney provides. Lots of fun for the kids and those who are kids at heart.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Super Special Surprise Day

Totally silly name, I know, but our family coined this phrase for the time Steven takes us on a surprise adventure. My sweet Husband loves to spoil his family and surprise us with new exciting things all the time. The adventures are random and unexpected and we are always thrilled when we hear, "It's super special surprise day!" God has gifted this man with a huge heart for gift giving and we are the ecstatic recipients!
So yesterday, once again we heard those exciting words and were off on a new adventure. Usually Jaclynn is included, but this time she had to stay with Grandma and Papa (Steven's parents). We were out the door at 7:30am, forty-eight degrees, frost on the roof tops (finally feels like were in the right season), semi- sleeping children, and four tickets to see the live stage show and new Disney/Pixar 3D movie Bolt at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood!
It was great! The movie was hilarious and clever. Totally entertaining for the kids and the adults. This was the first time the kids and I had been to the El Capitan. Steven grew up going to see all the new Disney movies and stage shows with his parents and siblings and wants to continue this tradition with our family. We are definitely not opposed, and look forward to the next "Super special surprise day" at the El Capitan Theater. In all my own excitement about my first trip there, I completely forgot to take any pictures of our adventure. Oh well, there is always next time! Hint, hint! (steven :) ) Thanks Babe!