Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A day at the beach

Yes it is the end of November and we are still enjoying a walk on the beach. I have never appreciated living in Southern California more than I have this past year. I have always loved the beach. I could be there everyday. I would love to live close enough that we could walk the beach every morning. 
Yesterday the shore couldn't have been more beautiful. The sun was glistening off the shallow water left by the low tide. I was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness that I could be there with all of my kids just simply enjoying the seaside. It was therapeutic. I was also thankful to here little shouts of glee from the kids. They too have a love for Gods gorgeous creation. One at a time they would run past me and say "I like the beach Mom" or "I love the sea!".
My grandmother "Situ" was able to join us along with "Lu Lu" my uncles dog. We had a wonderful time making memories just walking along.