Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Sweet Calvin

Tonight just before bed I heard the usual, "Mom, I'm hungry!" rolling out of Calvin's mouth with desperation. "Calvin, you did not eat enough dinner." I said in response. ( Although I often question that thought because he does eat a lot at dinner and pretty much every other second of the day.) Anyone who has had to feed any of my kids ( Bethany I am totally thinking of you right now) knows that they literally eat constantly. Anyway, he proceeded to ask for his favorite oatmeal which was prepared and placed on the table in front of him to which he responded, "Mom, I like you." "Calvin, I like you too." I said. " Do you like me because I made you oatmeal or for other reasons too?" And his answer, " Just because you made me oatmeal." Oh the joys of motherhood. Service:
At all times of the day is always appreciated.
Everything else:
Who cares!?!
But at the end of the day, I love it all!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Family Fun

Garage sale, beach days, Fathers day pool party, and a not so fun visit to get Sydney's ears pierced have made up the last few weeks for us. Among other random incidents, illnesses and events. All in all, we are good, thankful and enjoying our summer days...

Calvin and Brandon playing football at Corona Del Mar

Sydney and her favorite fishing buddy, Dana

My sister Gretchen and her boyfriend Dana

Jaclynn and one of her many favored accessories
(I'll have to post about her shoe obsession later)

Jac feeding her favorite guy

Resting time by the pool

Sydney was warned but highly underestimated the way ear piercing would feel and was quite shocked after the first one was done. I on the other hand was quite stupid not to insist they do both ears at the same time! Oh well another lesson learned. She was very happy with the results and enjoyed her sucker enough to forget the trauma just minutes before. Poor first borns, they have to endure so much more than the others! Now I know how to go about getting this done correctly the next time around!

This Dog, Charlie or should I say cousin Charlie, is Sydney's absolute best friend! She is an animal lover. I can't work up the courage to get an animal of our own yet though!

Check out the red heads!