Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Entry way fun and an update on life around here.

I am finding, in the last year or so, that I love being creative! Redecorating and making somethings from nothings has been in full swing for a while now. It is fun! Making spaces more functional and more beautiful at the same time is sort of becoming an addiction of mine! It is helping this pregnancy, which is on the more difficult side, to pass more quickly. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that I am pregnant! I can't wait to meet this girl! But, some of what my body goes through isn't so wonderful and exciting, ya know? But, I would take it all again if it meant, Sydney, Calvin, Jaclynn, Gregory, Silas or Evangeline were at the end of it all....Precious gifts.

Back to the Entry way... =)
Here it is all redone, and I am loving it! And then, upon driving home from dinner with family and friends last Friday night I found a beautiful headboard on the side of the road for FREE! I immediately threw it in my van! I was so excited! I know, I am weird. I didn't need a headboard but I knew It was going to be used for decorating, not sleeping, that is what made it so exciting! You see, free decorations are very high on my list of things that make me all giddy. If you really want to know how deep this joy runs, take a tour around my house with me next time you come over. You will not believe me when I show you all that was free! (or at least extremely cheap from garage sale or thrift store!)

Back to the headboard....
Upon happily loading it into my van somewhere just shy of 10 pm, I was totally convinced it was a beautiful buttercream yellow. I had lot's of little thoughts of where it would fit perfectly in my living room. I got home, put the kids in there beds and went to bed my self. I fought hard the urge to pull it out and begin redecorating mode that night. But, I was wise and went to sleep, all my friends and my Mother are happy I did, I know. =) ( I have a problem with making myself rest =D) Anyway, the morning dawned and I was ready to unload! And you know what!? When I pulled that headboard out it wasn't a beautiful buttercream yellow bu the most perfect creamy orange to match my entry way! Yay!!!! Score!!!! I was thrilled. Again, I know, I am weird.

So, now, this is what it looks like...

 It may change again, who knows!? But for now I love it! I think it welcomes you in! I hope you do too!

And now onto date night!...

 Seriously, dating this man is so much fun! He is a great planner and we always have a great time out! It doesn't happen as often as we like, but when it does we are so thankful! Speaking of dates, I have to mention that this is date #2 in a series of 6 weekly dates that we were so lovingly gifted!!!!
A wonderful friend, who shall remain anonymous =), called the other day to let me know she had been praying for weeks about where to spend some extra money the Lord had blessed them with that they knew was to be gifted away... Her conclusion, 6 date nights for us!!!!!! Can you believe it!? It truly came at the perfect time! Steven and I are still in total shock at the way the Lord provides for us EVERYDAY. He even cares about the little things like date night for two tired parents about to welcome their sixth baby into the world. =)

Speaking of baby...
Here she is! 29 weeks pregnant with Evangeline! Jaclynn was so excited to take belly pictures of mommy, her choice not to include my head! =) Oh well, the belly was what was important anyway! Only a few short months left! It is getting so close!
Now, if belly pictures don't make you smile then this next photo surely will...

 I LOVE this!!!!! The warm weather has been so wonderful for my kids! Getting outside and into the pool has blessed us in so many ways! Silas has always enjoyed the water, but now, He is more than excited for a chance to swim! He will not stop jumping and diving in every time he swims! It is so fun to watch! He does so well swimming to the side too to climb out and do it all over again! It is hysterical! These little ones are hard to rear, but oh so fun! I am so thankful for times like these when we can laugh and play and be thankful for what the Lord has set before us!
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His love endures forever!!!!