Monday, April 29, 2013

Where Country Chic and Vintage Meet - My Etsy Shop

Here is a link to our little Etsy shop.

We open up just over a year ago and have had lots of fun with it! I want to expand and do more but, as usual, time is my enemy. It has been so much fun finding treasures and offering them up on our shop for a fraction of what others are. The Lord has lead me to some great finds at very low costs which allows me to offer very low prices! =) I couldn't dream of charging high prices like some I have seen when I myself couldn't ever justify purchases like that. That's how our little frugal boutique was born! I am truly hoping to take some more inventory photos and go on a few more treasure hunts in order to fill my shop back up. To date we have sold 43 items in one year! Now, in reality I know that is nothing...but we are excited! Click on over and check out the shop. Hopefully soon we will have more decorative items and maybe even a handmade item or two! =)

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