Friday, January 14, 2011

He's walking!

And falling then walking again then falling again. It never gets old watching your babies go through all the different stages. Gregory is just as fun as the rest of them were. I can't believe he turned one already! I'm still in shock! Anyway, his first year has been great. He is a joy and usually has a smile on his face. I am very happy that he is finally toddling around. Although completely walking all the time would be nice seeing as how he is sooooo big and heavy and I am exhausted carrying him!
By the way, my exhaustion is likely from the fact that I am almost 15 weeks pregnant! I know most of you know but I keep getting a very shocked look here and there so I guess formal announcements are still necessary even when announcing your 4th or 5th or so on. =)
I am due July 11th. Exactly opposite of our fall/winter babies. It will be weird to have a summer baby but I am excited! God is good and he has blessed us again with a very special gift! We are thankful and can't wait to meet this new little one. We would like to find out what this one is so look for a post in the coming weeks for the results. I am thinking boy but we will see! The boys room is already set up and ready for a third. If it's a girl I will have to get creative in the girls room. Of course Sydney and Jaclynn are convinced this baby is a girl and Calvin is sure it is a boy. Steven and I have no preference and look forward to the day we look straight into this precious blessings eyes and say I love you. Then, introduce him or her to the rest of the group and the sweet chaos we call life!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!