Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

Not pictured due to consumption or my forgetfulness:
Three more chocolate bunnies, one more bag of hershey's bliss chocolates, three bags target brand fruit snacks, one more tube of aveeno, one more gallon of water, three boxes of tissue, one frozen popsicle maker and four bottles of sobe life water

So this week I feel like I got way more for my buck, but I did go over a bit. Only $1.81 though! Not bad. It has been fun keeping track of what I am spending. Before coupons, sales and extra bucks my grand total was $283.56. My total out of pocket expense was $81.81. That is a savings of 72%! Now my goal, in conjunction with saving money on groceries, is to plan a weekly menu that I can stick with. Right now I am planning my menu for the following week based on what I have in stock and what I picked up during my shopping this week. Still working on that one though. Have a great week! Anyone else have any super savings ideas they want to share? Please do. I am always looking for new and helpful ideas!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baking Day Part 2

Calvin enjoys the "manly" part of baking. Kneading the dough is hard work and he wants to be a part of it. At some point I think he may have been using his head in the kneading process, totally unauthorized by Mom. But, I guess you do what ever it takes to get the job done! So we can say today was a success. Rolls and muffins were baked and enjoyed.

Baking Day

On Tuesdays the gardener is here most of the morning so a few weeks back I decided to make it our "baking day". So far it has gone well. Interesting though as I have three very willing "helpers" who think they are seasoned professionals. None the less, we enjoy ourselves, the kids learn a little something, we bond and our efforts yield delicious results.
Today our plan is to make whole wheat dinner rolls and a special muffin recipe I found on another blog. If by Gods amazing grace we have a day without arguing, fighting and whining ( and this is completely by Gods grace :) ) we may add a couple of things to the list! I'll post about our progress.