Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Story of Us: My Man

The Story of Us: My Man
Don't really know what I am doing with the blogging thing still...thought I knew how to re-post something but apparently not so here is a link to an old post instead. Enjoy!

An update in pictures.

Spring has sprung and we have been out having fun with more Zunigas! Mark and Joanne had the kids over for fun and fancy Easter egg decorating while Steven and I got out on a date! Yay! Thank you so much for that special treat! The kids and the parents were very happy campers!
Gregory is growing soooo quickly! Just in time to take on the role of BIG Brother!
He is 17 months and catching up to Jaclynn! He still feels like my little baby though. I am sure in just a few short weeks he will look like a giant compared to our newest little boy.

Showing off their creations.

These kids are super snugglers! Jaclynn calls him "My Baby" all the time! It is pretty cute! He loves her to pieces too! Sometimes I wonder if he is confused about who his real mother is! Between the kisses and hugs he gets from Sydney, Jaclynn and myself, I am sure he questioned it a time or two. The new baby is sure in for an adventure! Hopefully he's fond of hugs and being held constantly. I doubt I will be able to pry him from the arms of all the others! 
I have heard some make the argument that the more kids you have the less attention they get. Not too sure that it's possible in our family of homebodies! We spend all day everyday together. Something tells me this baby will end up begging for some alone time as he gets older! We will see!

We also had some more Grandma Joanne and Papa Mark time recently at the San Diego Zoo!
They were troopers! Steven, Mark and Joanne were pretty brave making the day trip with four little ones and a very pregnant Mama. They were the best zoo navigators ever though! If any of you know this zoo you know it has HUGE hills to climb, often. But, the three of them were so wonderful and meticulously mapped out a route which included very little walking for me and virtually no hills by foot, thanks to the airway tram and the tour bus! The trip was so much fun and the kids had a great time.
We ended the evening at the best Italian restaurant ever! With the best pizza ever! It is called Fillippi's in San Diego.
I have been craving their Margheritta pizza since we had it that night. It is simply not fair to give a pregnant woman a meal like that and not have the ability to retrieve more at a moments notice! I have seriously considered whether or not the drive is reasonable or not just for pizza.  Any takers?

This peacock is literally right in front of the kids. They spent a very long time just watching each other. They were even able to pet its feathers when he walked by them and spread them all out. They thought it was pretty neat. :D

Jaclynn looks as though she is snuggling with this fox ( which she would totally do if she had the opportunity) But there is actually a glass wall between them. :D

Checking out the gorillas. Or as Jaclynn put it, "The Granolas"!

Hopefully there will be more up dates soon. And I am seriously hoping to announce the birth of our 5th little blessing sooner than later! It's in God's perfect will the day and time our son will be born. Can't wait to find out what that is! He will be the tie breaker too for the blondes VS the brunettes. We have two of each, which is so funny to me. Will he look like the 2 oldest or the 2 youngest? Can you tell I am super anxious for this baby to be born!?! :D