Saturday, April 24, 2010

A conversation with Superman

A couple of nights ago I was talking with Calvin and he asked me a funny question;
"Mom, why did you call me Calvin when I was a little, tiny baby?"
"Because that is what we named you." I said
"Why didn't you call me some thing else?"
"Like what?"
And, with all seriousness and a very deep look of intent in his eyes he whispered,
I smiled an enormous smile, attempting to hold back laughter and responded with something like sorry I didn't consider that!
He went on, still very serious, and listed many other options. He said names like, spiderman, storm man, batman, arrow man (I think a preview of Avatar was the inspiration or this one!), and various others. Then he asked another question, or more like a very bold, totally covinced this is what he wanted to do, statement;
"Mom, I'd like to change my name."
"Oh, really?" I said. "To what Calvin?"
"Storm Trooper."
"I will think about it." I replied, with equal seriousness.
He responded with," Or maybe Yoda."


Sleep is an interesting thing in this household. You never know when it's going to happen and according to some of these pictures, where it will happen is a question too! I had a garage sale a couple weeks back. At some point during my prep for the sale they started dropping like flies. Babies were in bed up stairs but Sydney and Calvin managed cozy little spots in the garage. It was too funny! I had to take pictures.

He is wrapped up and sleeping soundly on the floor of the garage! Horrible I know! But, he's learning multiple skills about marketing and sales for a successful garage sale! At least while he could stay awake he was.
Sydney chose a slightly more civilized spot as she camped out in a toddler bed.  I doubt any part of her very princess self would have ever flopped onto the concrete in exhaustion.

The other morning I woke up to this...

How do they do this? They ended up literally piled on top of each other in our bed. Yes, they are strange ones. Despite various limbs being entangled, they all slept this way for quite a while. Usually they don't bother each other unless someone gets a toe in the eye or a roll over turns into a squishing of someones head. These are the times that make me smile. My little ones are crazy, loud, energetic, wild, loving, kind, thoughtful, they love sharing everything with everyone, and they are all my special little gifts from God. Its fun to document their growth and silly antics. They are a joy to Steven and myself. Having children is the most challenging task I have ever encountered, or rather growing children is. But, it is by far the most rewarding, exciting and amazing experience I am privileged to enjoy!