Friday, June 13, 2008

Jaclynn Grace

I still cannot believe I have three amazing kids. And, I don't know how we have a baby that is old enough to start eating baby food. I still think I have a newborn, but that is for sure not reality. She is growing so quickly. I am convinced that time moves more quickly the more children you have. 

Here is Jaclynn enjoying baby cereal for the first time. She has been grabbing at my food for a while now so we decided to give her a taste of some rice cereal. She was very pleased to sit up at the table with the rest of her family and enjoy a meal. Although, this baby is pretty smart. I think she isn't quite convinced that she is getting the real thing. She still looks around at what the rest of us are eating and tries to go for that instead of her own. Oh well, she is still so easily pleased. Thank you Lord for this dear baby. She has been such an amazing blessing to our family. She fits perfectly right in to our little family. It is hard to believe she has only been here for four months. It seems like we've had her since the beginning! Oh how I love this sweet, chubby baby!

Calvin was so proud to help his baby sister with her first meal. I know we all weren't sure how Calvin was going to react to his new sister before she was born. He has certainly surprised me! He loves this little baby so much. As soon as she was born he recognized his new, very important, role as Big Brother to Baby Jaclynn. Calvin is so gentle and nurturing with her. Don't get me wrong, he still has his very loud Calvin moments, but I know he is her little protector.

The Bartletts

We are so pleased to announce the marriage of Gary and Michelle Bartlett! Michelle and my Uncle Gary were married on May 17, 2008. Congratulations! We love you both so much! It took me too long to post your pictures here but they turned out beautifully! The wedding was gorgeous. We were so happy to be there, three silly little kids and all. Thank you for sharing you day with us!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Sweet!

What a day! Potty training, tons of accident clean-up, teething, tantrums, skipped naps, and a sticky juice fight have made for an exhausting day. So, I decided to post some cute pictures of the kids to remind me of how sweet and adorable they are! 

Sydney age 1

Also 1
Jaclynn 4months
Calvin Age 1 1/2
At 2
Sydney posing at Disneyland
Flower Girl at Auntie Sammy and Uncle Tyler's wedding
Jaclynn Today
My three darling children ;)
Enjoy Today!