Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sydney's Idea

Yesterday, Sydney got an idea and ran with it. This morning she began brainstorming and came up with quite the plan. If you're curious about what it is, check out it's beginnings at her new blog here called Recycling For Change. This is just the beginning but I see good things in her future...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Man

Steven has been taking on quite a bit around here as I turn into a  different person at the end of my pregnancies. I am completely incapable of doing much or caring for any one how I normally do. It puts a huge strain on our family and especially on him. But he is keeping things together. We have also received some help from friends and family for which we are very thankful! His positive attitude lately, despite the chaos, has made these last couple weeks easier to bare. I never look through the archives of our blog. I did was so fun! Anyway, I came across this post about my dear husband and I thought it was the perfect time to re-post it. So here it goes!
I love you so much Steven! Thank you for always striving to serve your family! The bigger your family gets the more amazing you become! God has done a good thing in you! 


I like to document what is going on around here. It's fun and it makes me glad that I can look back on these times and remember. I realized the other day that I don't have as many photos of Steven as I do my kids. Understandable though, seeing as how I stay home to care for the kids not Steven but anyway it got me thinking a lot about him.  I decided it was a good time to find some pictures of him and reflect on his wonderfulness! :)
I thought it was pretty cute that most of his pictures are silly or sleeping. Hmmm, that leads me to some thoughts about why I appreciate my husband. He is silly. Often. I like that. He knows how to make me laugh, smile, lift my spirits, redirect my negativity. He balances me out.
He also does enjoy sleeping. Some may not appreciate that but what I have found is that his ability to stop and rest reminds me of my inability to do just that, stop and rest. I have a hard time stopping. I go constantly and often forget to relax. Not a good thing. So again, he balances me. 

He ADORES our kids. He is so good at finding special things about them and focussing on their strengths. He loves to teach them new things. I enjoy sitting back and watching him with the kids. He approaches the discipleship  of our children in a way that is God honoring. His heart is in it. Could I ask for anything more?

Steven is not a fan of the beach. We all know I am. Despite his hatred of wet sand that sticks, he endures for my sake. Not only does he endure, he digs giant holes in the wet, sticky sand. He gets  in and builds castles. He walks the beach and looks for sand crabs with the kids. He braves the tide pools, high or low tide, in search for sea creatures to observe. He makes time to do something he dislikes to see the joy streaked across the faces of the ones he loves most.

He likes snuggling with newborns.

He is a great leader.

He is a loyal friend and one of the "best men" I have ever met.

He is playful and attentive. He is also a fish. The water is his second home. I wish he could enjoy it more often.
Again, he is a napper.
A wonderful father.

He works hard and provides well for us.
He loves to play. I am so thankful he is the kind of Dad who gets on the playground and plays with the kids. He does not sit on the bench consumed with other things or glued to his cell phone. He interacts and devotes himself to them. I LOVE that!
He lovingly works at pleasing me with the small stuff, that at times can actually be very big, literally. Like the enormous Christmas tree I had to have. He hauled it home, set it up, and even set it up again, and again when we realized the stand we had was not built for it's enormity! He kindly made that tree work instead of getting angry about my silly need for a giant Christmas Tree.

What a gift it is to have a husband who simply wants to love and serve his family. He has a kind heart and it is a joy to be his wife. There is no perfect home or marriage or life here. But there is appreciation, understanding and forgiveness. All these things are only possible because we have first experienced the perfect, selfless kind of love that God graciously pours into our lives through the death of His son on the Cross. Without experiencing God's mercy and grace we would end up like the unfortunately large percentage of people who are discontent, unsatisfied and lost. All I can do is say thank you.