Friday, May 8, 2009

Having fun with friends

Playtime at the Fludes was tons of fun! They have the perfect pool for little ones! It was fun to get together and play in there adorable house. Every time we go there I always feel so comfortable. They have a very inviting home. I think it is also their cool, calm demeanors that sort of balance out the wildness in my children! Thanks Julia, Ben and Micah! We had a great time and we will definitely be getting together again soon!

We also had a playdate with the Roberts earlier in the week. We always have a great time when they are over. Usually Jess and I get together on the days when our husband s are working either long or odd hours. We spend the whole day playing with our kids, talking coupons, cleaning my house( not my strength and totally hers!) or doing anything else we like. We end up having dinner together too then heading home just in time for the kids to fall into a deep sleep from a full day!
There is something to be said about a friend who knows where to find your silverware without asking or which cabinet your towles go in. She is a blessing to me. Thanks for the fun times!

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