Friday, May 8, 2009

A concert and a visit

We have lots of visits. I like that. I think it is important. I am thankful once again for the opportunities we have because of our decision to homeschool. Sydney is with us, serving, loving, visiting and just plain old playing with our families, friends and neighbors. It brings me tremendous joy. The bonding is deep.
The visit from the silly photos above ( a decent picture was not to be had by these four that day) was out to Fontana to spend the morning and afternoon with my childhood neighbor for almost twenty years. She and her husband and son live out there and had invited us to a mini Jana Alayra concert at her church's moms group. If you have never heard of Jana Alayra you definitely need to check out her website . She is a great resource for kids music and actually adults too. Anyway, we are very thankful to Desiree and Jacob for inviting us. It was a treat!

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