Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Little Things

It seems that "the little things" are what count, make things better, make a difference, lead the way toward whatever were after. I forget so easily about the little things and am constantly focussed on the big ones. When I set out to clean my house I quickly devise a detailed plan in my head as to how I will successfully and completely clean, organize and de-clutter my house all within a matter of  a couple of hours. Ridiculous. I don't know why I work that way. If I would just take one little step at a time I would then see a big difference made. I do the same with EVERYTHING. Reading, writing, teaching my children, playing, exercising, paying bills, etc., all of these and more fall into this category.
My children somehow always remind me of the little things. Their little, it's an easy connection, right? No seriously though, they take their time and pay attention to little things that I would normally want to rush through and hurry to the next step. They slow me down. Sometimes I am very selfishly irritated by the pause.   It is exactly then that I usually stop and see my disregard for the little things and the huge red blinking sign that is screaming "You are setting a bad example! MOM!"  I am actively slowing my pace down, taking a deep breath and seeing what is going on around me. I do not want to be a whirlwind, whizzing past my family. I want to observe and deeply take in all the little things and little people that are around me. It's good to be present.
One of my littlest littles LOVES to tell me she loves me. Her newest way of saying it is, "Mom, I love you too much!" Stopping often to bend down and listen my two year old speak from her little heart goes deep within me, and is too precious to ignore. Thank you God for all the little things that so tenderly remind me of the preciousness of Your love.

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