Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Steven!

While my sweet husband is putting the kids to bed after a long birthday weekend of fun, I am going to sneak in a few words about what his life means to me. First of all, I am thankful that the Lord brought his parents together and created through them this amazing man. Twenty-eight years ago today Steven was born. How truly blessed the kids and I are that he was! 

 To the man I love,
Happy Birthday babe! For the last eight years I have celebrated this day with you. Each year it has become more special and exciting as our life has changed. In you, the man of my dreams was created. You challenge me, encourage, support, and teach me in many ways. You believe in me more than anyone and I am forever thankful. 
Our children couldn't have a more exciting life and that is all because of you. You never exclude them or make them feel like they are inferior because they are children. You teach them things that excite their minds and make them want to learn more. You are creating in them hearts for truth and knowledge and souls that long for Jesus.
Thank you for keeping me so special in your heart. For often surprising me with silly little treats or gifts and always looking for opportunities to take me some place I've never been. You truly amaze me.
Your love for us is deep and unending. Thank you for growing our family by leading us to Jesus and giving us an excellent example of a true man.

Happy Birthday to The One I love.....


The Luisi Famiy said...

You are too sweet. Happy birthday Steven!!!

Annie said...

Wow..I think I am inlove with Steven too....Just kidding..I have a wonderful man of my own... Steven, you seem to truly be a blessing to your family. How lucky you are to have a wife that obviously adores you....May you have many more years of happiness together. Happy Birthday.