Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Growing our kids and a garden!

I had to stick in a cute little picture of Jaclynn too. And I have to mention this sweet baby is about to crawl! She is just dying to follow the kids around the house. I don't blame her they are so wild and crazy and usually have tons of fun, I would want to tag along too!

I have always enjoyed the outdoors. I love to tend to a garden or even just water the grass. This past spring we planted a garden of green beans, carrots, lettuce and watermelon. The kids and I have had so much fun picking things as they grow. We have yet to grow a watermelon though. We have huge vines growing across our garden and now down our lawn but no actual fruit. We may have done something wrong with that one.
Little did I know our back yard would turn into a biology lesson everyday. As our garden grew so did their curiosity with the outdoors. They started noticing all sorts of different bugs and studied them as they inched across our backyard. Calvin even held his own classes on dissection, despite his mothers protests. 
We had a family of birds move in and build a nest under our eaves. Actually three nests, same family. They were an interesting bird family to watch. The "dad" bird tried so hard to build the perfect nest while dodging splashes from the kids in the pool and random water hose sprays. Finally we gave in and let them have the backyard to themselves for two days. At last the perfect nest was built. The "mom" bird sat quietly in that nest for what seemed to be weeks. I never saw her leave and never heard a peep from her. Just still and silent perched on her tiny eggs.( Talk about a gentle and quiet spirit!) Anyway, unfortunately for that family they lost both of their little eggs to the ill effects of gravity. After that, the "mom and dad" flew away and have not been seen again. Yet it was another lesson for my little ones. 
After Jaclynn was born I needed a backyard for the kids to enjoy. Thankfully the Lord provided and we were able to clean it up and have sod laid. Oh what a tremendous blessing it has been! I didn't realize at the start of spring what a wonderful time we would have throughout the summer in what we used to consider a backyard too small to enjoy. Our tiny backyard fits perfectly with our tiny house. Although tiny, it completely served its purpose for our family, and then some.
The lesson was learned and I am always trying to remind myself of who I am and who God is. He is far greater than I have been or will ever be. And knows way more than me too! Why can't I remember that one?!?


The Luisi Famiy said...

How cute! I love the carrots in the picture. They are about as big as Johnny is!!! Where are you guys living? Fill me in.

Annie said...

You are so welcome.. I know you will get good use. Let me know which bows you want and I will call my friend. Love the pictures... It was good seeing you guys at the picnic..

TRICIA said...

You are such a good mom. You kids are adorable too! My kids can't wait to see them again.