Friday, August 1, 2008

For the Grandparents

Some of the grandparents have put requests in for more pictures of the kids, so here it is. A collage of the past few weeks of summer play.

Calvin wading in the kiddie pool at one of our favorite summer time parks

One of the many summer days spent swimming laps in our luxurious crystal blue pool, ( $6.99 at Walmart)
This is a rare shot of Sydney. If you haven't already noticed she HATES having her picture taken. If I have a picture of her it is because I took it without her knowing or she has some sort of weird face that is irritated with her picture crazed mother. So, the other day I decided to lure her into a picture session by having her take pictures by the flowers she had just planted. It worked! I think I got about three decent shots. Here is one of them.

I am sure Calvin is relieved Sydney has some one else to "dress up" now.
Jaclynn also loves swimming around the pool. She actually kicks her legs and trolls around on her own.
Look at those thighs! I had to take this picture. It was too cute to pass up!
During VBS week  at church Calvin and Jaclynn enjoyed a play date with Ben and Micah Flude.  Lots of fun at their new house and the babies even got some "play  time " in too! Jaclynn really liked playing with Micah!

Steven took Calvin to feed the ducks at the park. Fun Father Son bonding time. And, as you can see, Calvin does not mind having his picture taken:)

I think Calvin is cool with princess dress up and tea parties as long as he has on his spider man under wear and train conductors hat.

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