Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The HEAT Is On!

I love Summer. These hot days and nights make for some neat adventures. The kids and I haven't gone a day without swimming in our little kiddie pool. Steven too!  I am sure the neighbors have gotten a kick out of the two overgrown children (Steven and Candice) splashing around in a tiny pool! Oh well, we had fun! 

Every summer my mind is flooded with memories from my childhood. I swear we had the best time as kids during the summer. I remember staying outside from sun up to sun down playing and making up games with my sisters and neighborhood kids. The smells and sights of summer fun are forever ingrained in my memory. Having the ability to remember these great times is such an amazing gift.

I realized the other day that along with my memories from when I was a child I am creating new, similiar memories with my kids. Wow! And I thought reminiscing about "the good old days" was fun!  Now I get to do it all over again with my little ones. What a gift God has given me by way of Motherhood. My precious little ones are by no way perfect, they can't be. But because of Gods grace and His mercy He has saved me and made for me a life FULL of joy and love for my family. I can't imagine any other place I'd rather be, non- perfect children and all. I just can' t get over what a huge blessing it is to care for and serve my family. This is my full time job and I am very thankful. Now, don't get me wrong,  my "job" is hard. It never ends. There are little to no breaks. Someone is constantly asking for something, pulling on me ,  crying because they got an owie, or any number of not- so- fun mommy obligations. But every single second of my life as their mom is worth it. Even the really hard stuff. A big thanks also goes to my sweet Husband. "Big" is not enough. An enormous thank you and loads of gratitude to my sweet Husband for making countless sacrifices so that this Mommy gets to see her babies grow and learn and fail and try again, every single day of their lives. Gods gift to me through  his love for our family is a beautiful example of human sacrifice. Thank you Steven, for teaching our children to be like Jesus. 

For now back to the joys of Summer. Here are some photos from the last week of enjoying the hot sun.  Have a wonderful week!

                  Rebekah Jane and Jaclynn Grace, friends from the womb!
                                    Jaclynn enjoying water for the first time
       Four of our six baby friends all born between November and February

              Sydney and Calvin are posing by the garden we planted this spring

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Annie said...

What beautiful words and sentiments you let come through your blog... Dido.. I am a working mom and I know how hard it is to stay at home. It is a sacrifice, but truly a blessing. You seem like a wonderful mom. God Bless
Annie Johnston( your blog friend)