Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Wrote this a while back but never posted. Might as well now, right?
I was checking one of my favorite sites and almost didn't read her current post. ( obviously I want you to read that so go and do that first ) It looked too long and I don't have much time to sit at the computer and read. For some reason I changed my mind and dove in. Her honesty is refreshing. She is open about her struggles and I admire that. Although I don't relate directly to the sin issue she talks about in her post I felt it was convicting and true. Keep in mind she is a home schooling mom of 7 ( update: now pregnant with #8!) who struggles with judging others who look similar to herself. I think it is an interesting point to bring up. Judgement comes in all forms. The "christians" judging the "non-christians", and vice versa. The people with lots of kids, the people with just a couple, those who home school, send to private and send to public. EVERYONE is guilty. Anyway, I like her honesty. Main idea... keep yourself focussed on your relationship with God. Where you stand in Christ. How you live and who you are living for. What does your heart truly reveal? Self examination is scary. It reveals a whole lot if you can be honest with yourself.


Bridget said...

Thank you! I found it:)

The Zuniga Family said...

I think its linking to the correct one. But, alas I may have pregnancy brain too! I think it's permanent now!