Saturday, April 24, 2010

A conversation with Superman

A couple of nights ago I was talking with Calvin and he asked me a funny question;
"Mom, why did you call me Calvin when I was a little, tiny baby?"
"Because that is what we named you." I said
"Why didn't you call me some thing else?"
"Like what?"
And, with all seriousness and a very deep look of intent in his eyes he whispered,
I smiled an enormous smile, attempting to hold back laughter and responded with something like sorry I didn't consider that!
He went on, still very serious, and listed many other options. He said names like, spiderman, storm man, batman, arrow man (I think a preview of Avatar was the inspiration or this one!), and various others. Then he asked another question, or more like a very bold, totally covinced this is what he wanted to do, statement;
"Mom, I'd like to change my name."
"Oh, really?" I said. "To what Calvin?"
"Storm Trooper."
"I will think about it." I replied, with equal seriousness.
He responded with," Or maybe Yoda."

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