Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

So last week I didn't post about my savings. It just passed me and then I kept putting it off and somehow since then I cannot find the photos I took of everything, in my computer. I am missing all of last weeks photos and one of this weeks. My computer is turning on me! Anyway I can still spell out the savings for you.
LAST WEEK- oop was $75.28, still under budget. My cost before coupons and sales would have been$ 110.90. Not my normal savings but I stocked up at fresh and easy and ralphs and didn't go to walgreens or cvs where I usually get them to pay me to take the products out of the stores! I was able to stock up on meat and milk and bread though which always takes a chunk out of the budget. All in all being under budget and stocking my fridge and shelves with things I will use = a good week.

THIS WEEK- (see photo above)oop was $91.41( i made two extra trips to target this week as their web coupons expired today, stacked with manufacturer's coupons I snagged some really great deals and stocked up on some things like salad dressing, bbq sauce, cheese, baby soap and lots of snack type items. Since I was stocking up on things we will use and were out of, I was ok with going over.) My total cost before coupons, sales and register rewards was $264.74. That is a total savings of 65%. Works for me. Let's see what happens next week.

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