Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have to quote this one too....

I went to read on through posts about obedience to God and this one hit home hard, I had to mention it.
"The christian should never complain of want of ability and power. If we sin, it is because we choose to sin, not because we lack the ability to say no to temptation...Too often we say we are 'defeated' by this or that sin. No, we are not defeated; we are simply disobedient! It might be well if we stopped using the terms 'victory' and 'defeat' to describe our progress in holiness. Rather we should use the terms 'obedience' and 'disobedience'. When I say I am defeated by some sin, I am unconsciously slipping out from under my responsibility. I am saying something outside of me has defeated me. But when I say I am disobedient, that places the responsibility for my sin squarely on me."
Jerry Bridges
The Pursuit of Holiness, p. 84

Jesus says in John 14:15 "If you love me, you will keep my commandments."
At our core, we hate Jesus. By grace, through faith our sovereign Heavenly Father has pulled us, each one, intentionally and at precisely the right time, out of darkness and brought us into the light. He is the one who has chosen to give us the unfathomable ability to keep his commandments. Our obedience is without a doubt a gift of God.

Making the point that we make excuses for our defeated spirits, or rather our disobedience, is so loudly heard by these ears. I cannot count the times I have said, either to myself or to others, that I feel so defeated. Ha! What a poor excuse! Who do I think I am fooling? Certainly not God. How patient He is to stay by my foolish side all the while I make a mess of the beauty and blessings He pours into my life. What an amazing God. And all the more, what a perfect and undeserving gift obedience is. When I/ we are blessed with this gift what do I/we do? Imediately fall at the feet of our Lord and praise him with thanks or move briskly through life because things are flowing a bit easier?


Frigid Ladies said...
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Tricia said...

What a great reminder. Thank you for posting these. You're a wonderful example.

Side note... I love Sydney's hair.