Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This and That

For a little while now Jaclynn has been heard walking around the house, pointer finger constantly extended, repeating "this?" and "that?". Now, for the last few weeks, much to our surprise, she is always asking, "What is this?" and "What is that?". Just a couple of days ago it turned into "I want this." and "I want that." It is a funny progression but totally rings true to the development of our little ones. Now starts the difficult part of the journey of gently yet firmly (is this even possible?) guiding her path towards righteousness.


Annie said...

Love it..She is so cute. I hope everyone is well. I have three more weeks and then a wonderful month off with my kiddos.

TRICIA said...

Her dress is adorable. What a fun stage!

ashlee said...
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ashlee said...

Hi Candice!!
This is Kristine's friend, Ashlee. I came across your amazing pictures and updates this morning and I wanted to let you know how very inspiring it is to me to read about your beautiful family. I absolutely love your kids and had such a wonderful time with them at Kristine and Andrew's wedding last year. I am happy to hear you and the family are doing well.
It is such a beautiful thing to hear you talk about how much you love your family. I hope to see you all before too many years have gone by :)
~lots of love~

The Zuniga Family said...

Thanks Ashlee! We would love to see you again soon before too much time passes! You have always been so great with our kids! They sure love the attention! Hopefully you'll be around the Zuniga's sometime soon!