Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So Sweet!

What a day! Potty training, tons of accident clean-up, teething, tantrums, skipped naps, and a sticky juice fight have made for an exhausting day. So, I decided to post some cute pictures of the kids to remind me of how sweet and adorable they are! 

Sydney age 1

Also 1
Jaclynn 4months
Calvin Age 1 1/2
At 2
Sydney posing at Disneyland
Flower Girl at Auntie Sammy and Uncle Tyler's wedding
Jaclynn Today
My three darling children ;)
Enjoy Today!


Annie said...

Hi there,
Your kids are super, super cute. I love all the pictures.. And although I do not know you very well, Amen, to all the work a mom does! I know it all too well. Try to stay sane.

Annie said...

Ps. That is Annie Johnston..sorry just in case you are wondering who is responding to your blog..LOL